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We want to help you and everyone else grow! We do not want to take away but want to work together in order to maximise streamer, community, and team exposure. Together we can grow and our limits can only be held back by us. Use your imaginations, go out on a limb and lets get working together. Sharing is caring and if you care about all the hard work you've put into what you already got, you'll be willing to push aside differances and work with other people and communities to. Anyhow, We are all here to have fun, not step on toes and to promote each other.

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Joining the list is easy and we are not asking for much. Add our link and or details to your primary base of operations aka the place you link everyone to. Discord create a text channel titled invu, and in the text channel include our link and about bit. If you want to include anything else at all thats your choice. If your base of operation is a twitch community page in your community description is basically the same details. We will be doing the same for you, Adding you here on this page and a channel in our discord with your details. In the end basically we are just trading links. We understand that every community has it own set of rules, thats okay, we have only one universal rule that all must apply No drama between people and communities, it is up to the staff from the community were the drama goes down to delete and remove the drama.

About Lurkforce is a network of streamers, viewers, and communities that use collaborative lurking in order to get the viewership required to attain goals. We aim to be the largest group of lurkers and have encouraged the development of our members since September 4, 2017.
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About Binx is a new kind of social streaming community. Focused on the content creators. Building apps, tools and services dedicated to enhancing social video streaming all over the world.
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Website / Discord Server