INVU Streamers

Join Our Team
To be added to our list you must stream at least once a week while keeping our logo on a panel in your twitch panels.
Our logo and other content for use in overlays and stream panels can be found in the "INVU Media" page.
The logo must link to Our Website
It is up to you whether you want to provide additional details or add our logo to your overlay.
Failure to follow our rules, stream, or be active in our voice chat at least once per week will get you kicked from our streamers collection without question, Just because you may have been demoted from our streamers collection does not mean you cant earn it back depending on the reason for being demoted.
We will not tolerate streamers abusing the resources and not promoting us back when we are working just as hard to do stuff for you at the same time. Send a friend request MongerVog#0781 on Discord to to get added into our announcements list and to get your streamer status.
Please already have our logo on one of your twitch channel panels and it linking to one of our pages or our discord.
Also please also have one of your 3 communities set to INVU.
Thank You!
~INVU Staff.